Support programmer for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

Support programmer for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

This programmer aims to support NCS to adjust the local curriculums as well as helping them learn Cantonese. The school hopes the programmer would increase the learning abilities as well as Non- Chinese Speaking Students motivations.

Aims of the programmer

  • Help NCS acquire knowledge in Chinese Language
  • Help nurture NCS in the local curriculum
  • Help NCS integrate with their local peers
  • Thus, allowing NCS to better adjust to the society

Programmed objectives and methods

 This programmer objective is to provide essential support to students who are learning Chinese as a second/third language. External assistance will be provided by “Heep Hong Society” and “C-for-Chinese @ JC” organizations. This programmer targets students and parents, in hopes to give them support externally, outside of school boundaries. For instance, one to one special lessons, customized lessons plan for students in need of them. Furthermore, special support would also be provided during the school lessons, in order for them to integrate in the school environment smoothly. Family support such as extra-curricular activities outside of school would be conducted, thus aiming to increase their sense of belonging.

Apart from this, the school has deliberately input various Chinese elements around the school and in the student’s textbooks, to increase their awareness and sense of motivation for Chinese language. Hence, improving their ability to learn efficiently as well as increasing their self-esteem and confidence. 

Nonetheless, the school has NET teacher assisting and providing supports to NCS students during the class as well as communicating effectively with the parents. Not only this, the school would productively provide English notices and translations to NCS parents.

Additional support for NCS parents

Education services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

Education services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students (

Additional NCS learning platforms

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